Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree Trimming Based on Skill, Timing, and Safety

photo-5-2Tree trimming, or pruning, isn’t an easy job and it should be best left up to professionals like the team at Harlan Tree Service. The main idea behind trimming your trees is to keep your trees healthy and safe. But doing this is only possible with the right training and experience.

The team at Harlan Tree Service has the proper skills to make sure that all of your trees are trimmed properly. This means that we take trimming, timing, and safety seriously to make sure that your home and our workers are always protected.

Tree Trimming the Right Way

Our teams are skilled at trimming all types of trees and they know what each type of cut will do to your trees. For example, simply cutting a large branch at its end will cause your trees to appear misshaped over time because it will grow smaller branches known as water sprouts.

This is why our experts cut branches at the trunk collar. Doing so means that your tree can heal faster while also protecting its immune system from any unnecessary damage. As a result, your tree will remain healthy and safe for years to come.

Proper Timing to Prevent Problems

screen-shot-2014-01-25-at-10-42-00-pmAt Harlan Tree Service, we know that timing is everything when it comes to tree trimming. If your trees are cut at the wrong time they might be at risk for viruses, pests, or issues with their appearance.

These issues can be especially true of trees like maples, which will bleed from cuts during certain times of the year, and dogwoods and oaks, which are at risk for viruses when cut at the wrong time.

Safety for You, Your Home, and Our Experts

As you can imagine there are many safety measures that must be considered to make sure that your home and our experts are protected. Heavy branches can weigh hundreds of pounds each. This can cause death if a branch is handled the wrong way.

That’s why our team uses special equipment to cut higher branches. Additionally, we use harnesses and other climbing equipment to make sure that no one falls and slips while in the tree itself. While many other companies lack these basic features Harlan has it all. This makes our team your professional, preferred solution.

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