Tree Removal

Removing Trees From Your Property

Nobody wants to remove a tree from their property, but sometimes it is a necessity. Tree removal is a last resort option and a tree should only be removed if it is dead, infested with pests, or is a danger to your home or the public. A tree may also need to be removed if it is a threat to surrounding trees or if the roots of the tree are affecting nearby structures or pathways. During your free estimate we will thoroughly inspect your tree to ensure that it is the best option for you and your property.

Skilled Team for a Difficult Job

Tree removal is a difficult and multi-step process, but don’t worry the skilled team at Harlan Tree Service is here to help. A skilled climber will first climb up the tree and cut the branches. The trunk of the tree is then cut into smaller pieces until the tree has been removed. Nylon mats are also used during the job to protect the lawn and nearby flower beds from damage.

Grinding & Digging Out Stumps

img_5259-2After the tree is removed the stump maybe ground or dug out. The site will then be cleaned up and all debris will be hauled away. By the time the process is done you’ll never know a tree was ever there.

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