Stump Removal (Grinding)

img_0131Let’s face it, a stump on your property is an eyesore. Even if it’s small it can be highly difficult to remove due to all the roots. That’s why Harlan Tree Service is the perfect fit to help make your property look beautiful again. At Harlan our skilled team knows everything there is to know about removing stumps and restoring your property. During your free estimate we will determine the type of tree to access the difficulty of the stump removal. Age and size of the tree are also an indicator of how hard the stump will be to remove. Typically, the older the tree, the easier the stump is to remove.

Removing Stumps to Prevent Future Problems

Aside from not looking appealing, a stump on your property can also cause other issues. Nothing new can be planted in that area until the stump is removed and if it is not removed properly some of the roots will still be left in the ground, causing you farther planting problems.

Complete Removal Through Grinding or Digging Out Stumps

Once the stump has been removed, it will either be ground or dug out. All debris will be removed and the area will then be racked and seeded. If desired, a new tree can be planted in the Fall or Spring.

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