Harlan Tree Service Featured in Letter to the Editor of the Daily Local Newspaper

Harlan Tree Service was recently featured in a Letter to the Editor of the Daily Local Newspaper

Praise for tree-removal crew

About 2:30 on the night of Oct. 24, a young lady crashed her car into a large tree on our property, damaging the base of it and taking out about one-half of the trunk. Fortunately she was not injured. The police gave us a preliminary report and as they were leaving they told us that we were responsible for the removal of the 50-foot tree which was standing precariously beside the road. The police agreed to shut the road down, but left us with the problem of finding someone to come out to deal with the tree in the middle of the night.

We called several 24-hour tree companies and only could get voice mail. Luckily I called Harlan Tree Service and a very nice young woman answered. She said that she would have someone out to the house to check the situation at about 6 a.m. True to her word someone was here, checked the situation and said he would return with a bucket truck and a crew to take down the tree in about one-half hour. They arrived shortly after and did a fine, careful job.

I can’t give them enough credit for taking care of a dangerous tree problem in a timely way and saving us much anxiety

— Patricia Gysling, West Chester

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